Anticoagulation Clinic

Summit Pacific offers patients taking blood thinners, or anticoagulation medications, a quick and easily accessible way to manage their risk of blood clotting.

Many people suffer from a heightened risk of blood clotting. There are several conditions that increase risk such as deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, artificial heart valves, atrial fibrillation, irregular heartbeat, history of stroke or heart attack or the presence of   one or more additional disorders.

Who is the Anticoagulation Clinic for?

The service is available by appointment to patients of Summit Pacific providers.

What can the Anticoagulation Clinic help me with?

  • Lower the risk of heart attack, stroke, hemorrhaging and other illnesses associated with blood clots.
  • Reduce the possibility of adverse medication reactions.
  • Provide patients with clear medication dosing instructions.
  • Frequent testing to ensure stability since foods, other medications and illnesses can affect how quickly blood clots