Care Coordination

What is Care Coordination?

Care Coordinators are highly trained RN’s that work with patients, families, caregivers, providers, hospitals and the community to coordinate care for patients in need. Care Coordinators help patients and their families navigate and access medical and community services. Care Coordinators can work with patients to help create a personal care plan to improve the patient’s overall health.

Who is eligible for Care Coordination?

Patients who belong to Summit Pacific Medical Center and have chronic illness or other health complications are eligible to receive Care Coordination services.

What types of things do Care Coordinators work on?

  • Chronic Disease Management and Education (Diabetes, COPD, CHF)
  • Obesity and weight loss
  • Transportation
  • Medical Insurance
  • Medical Equipment
  • Caregivers
  • Home Safety
  • Social Support

These are just a few examples of what Care Coordinators can assist with.

Please contact your Primary Care Provider if you would like more information on Care Coordination.