Kids Kenpo Ninja Class (Ages 10-12)

March 4, 2019 @ 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM
Summit Pacific Wellness Center
610 East Main Street
WA 98541
Kids Kenpo Ninja Class (Ages 10-12) @ Summit Pacific Wellness Center

Welcome to Kenpo Ninja Training for Kids Ages 10-12!
— At the New Summit Pacific Wellness Center in Elma
— Training in the “Satsop Multipurpose Room” in the Therapy/Gym on the 1st Floor

What will we Learn in Ninja Training?
– Basic Karate Stances, Blocks, Strikes, and Kicks
– Kenpo Escape & Self-Defense Techniques
– Yoga Balance and Flexibility Training
– Exercise Mind and Body
– Improve Coordination
– Ninja Speed and Reflex Training
– Discipline & Self Respect

What should I bring?
— Students are encouraged to bring water bottles to class, so they may hydrate themselves during breaks.

What should I wear?
— Students are encouraged to wear comfortable athletic clothing.

How much does it cost to attend classes?
— Drop In – $10 per class
— 6 Class Punch Card – $50 ($8.33 per class)
— Monthly Prepay – $5 per class:
1 Class per week – $20 every 4 Weeks
2 Classes per week – $40 every 4 Weeks
3 Classes per week – $60 every 4 Weeks

What is Kenpo Self Defense?
— Mixed Martial Art System
— American Kenpo Combines Karate, Kung-Fu, and Jiu-Jitsu Techniques
— Emphasis on Striking with Hands, Elbows, Knees, and Variety of Kicks
— Primary Focus on Practical Self-Defense Application;
Leathality is comparable to Krav Maga and MMA
— Training Includes Learning How to Both Attack and Defend the Groin.

“If the Fight is Not Over in Four Moves or Less, You Are Losing!”
– William Kwai Sun Chow, Founder of the American “Chinese Kempo,” and Primary Teacher of Ed Parker Sr., Founder of American Kenpo.

— Above average strength and acrobatic ability not required.
— No Jumping, Spinning, or Flipping ten feet in the air to break boards.
— Competition is neither required nor emphasized.
— Disabled and chronically ill people can train and master Kenpo techniques.
— Most techniques can be modified for all injuries and abilities.
— Many students train alongside or after physical therapy.

Kenpo Literally Translates As: “Way of the Fist”
— Emphasis on Body Mechanics and Fighting Principles/Physics
— Not just “How” to do something, but anatomically “Why”

Balance of Warrior & Scholar
— Students are expected to train their body and their mind.
— Open to learning from new experiences and information.
— Student/Teacher as Ying/Yang Relationship (Tiger and Dragon):
To Learn a Technique, you must Practice it a Hundred Times.
To Master a Technique, you must Teach it a Hundred Times.

“The Humble Man Makes Room For Progress,
The Proud Man Believes He Is Already There.”
– Ed Parker Sr., Founder of American Kenpo

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