Family Medicine Clinic

What is a Family Medicine resident?

Residents are graduates of either a Doctor of Medicine (MD) or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) medical school, where they completed four years of a rigorous medical education program learning a broad range of medical knowledge and clinical patient care skills. After graduating from medical school, new doctors continue further training in a structured academic training program commonly referred to as “residency.” Doctors in residency training are known as “residents. “Family medicine physicians complete a three-year residency program to gain advanced knowledge and clinical skills that enable them to become fully licensed to practice medicine independently in each state. During residency training, physician residents gain valuable experience in providing supervised medical care to patients in a variety of clinical settings.

You may not realize this, but your Summit Pacific Medical Center and Summit Pacific Wellness Center provider is also a teacher. Our board-certified Family Medicine physicians and dedicated Family Medicine professionals and healthcare team members work together as a team to also teach and supervise our Family Medicine residents in clinical patient care. Residents have the benefit of collaboration with the entire health care team in learning to provide the best patient care possible for our Gray’s Harbor community.

Each year, two new family medicine resident physicians join the Summit Pacific Family Medicine Clinic health care team as part of the Providence St. Peter-Summit Pacific Rural Family Medicine Residency program. Our resident physician team is dedicated to providing high-quality comprehensive care for our patients.

Providing skilled Family-Focused medical care for people of all ages

The whole family can benefit from the exceptional medical care provided by our Family Medicine Healthcare team. Our residents work as part of the entire healthcare team to diagnose, treat, and coordinate your healthcare among other medical specialists as needed. With a broad-based rural approach and focused on preventative care, family medicine residents work with each patient to recognize and support their unique needs to maintain and ensure continued good health.

Routine services include:

  • Physical exams and wellness checks
  • School and Sports physicals
  • Immunizations
  • In-office medical procedures, such as skin biopsies and arthritis injections
  • Well-woman and Reproductive Health Care
  • Well adult health care
  • Chronic disease management, such as Diabetes or Hypertension care
  • Prenatal, Obstetrical, and Post-partum care
  • Newborn and Pediatric care, including Adolescents
  • Geriatrics and Care of the Elderly

What to expect at the Family Medicine Clinic?

Your visit with a Family Medicine resident will be similar to visiting your routine healthcare provider. In fact, patients often report that residents spend more time with each patient, collect a detailed patient history and data, perform thorough physical exams, and offer a broad range of in-office procedures to provide convenient and comprehensive care. Residents in clinical patient care are supervised by our physicians, Family Medicine or specialty healthcare providers who discuss and oversee patient care, treatment plans and care decisions in collaboration with each resident.

Billing for the Family Medicine Clinic is the same as for any primary care visit with a supervising physician, including copays and deductibles.