Current Projects

Increased Access to Services

• Community contracted transportation services for treatment, recovery, primary care, legal services.

• Contracted coordinated care position for all members to access.

• Financial support as payor of last resort up to $3500.00 per individual for treatment services.

• End User Digital Device training (partner is WSU Grays Harbor Extension Office).

Community Engagement

Documentary “Consider saving a life today”

Anti- stigma radio campaign “substance use disorder is a treatable disease.”

Topics Include:

• What is the Grays Harbor Consortium?

• The disease of substance use disorder.

• The science of substance use disorder

• Life circumstances (mitigating factors)that contribute to SUD.

• Behavioral treatment approaches- abstinence based vs harm reduction.

• Medicated Assisted Treatment –evidence-based facts.

• Enabling vs Support-What does this look like?

• First person recovery language.

• How stigma associated with SUD hurts all of us.

• Harm reduction.