Public Records Requests

Summit Pacific strives to efficiently and effectively carry out its responsibilities under RCW Chapter 42.56 – the Public Records Act.

Any person wishing to request access to public records of Summit Pacific Medical Center, or seeking assistance in making such a request, should follow Summit Pacific’s Public Record Policy.

Some records are exempt by law for the purpose of protecting personal information and are outlined in the Public Records Act (RCW 42.56). Per RCW 42.56.070 (2) published is a list of other laws that exempts or prohibits disclosure of specific information in the Public Disclosure Exemptions.

Submit your public records request to our Public Records Officer, or get assistance in making your request:

Contact Jori Stott, Senior Executive Assistant and Public Records Officer by calling 360-346-2280.

Public Records Request Form


If you wish to get a copy of the records rather than just inspect them, you’ll need to make arrangements with our Public Records Officer to pay for copies or electronic transmittal.

Fees are outlined in our Public Record Request policy.

Medical Record Request

To obtain a copy of your medical record, please visit our Medical Record page.