November Construction Update

Around our campus, we have been pouring concrete to add sidewalks to the upper parking lot and remote parking lot across the creek, as well as pouring the foundation of  Summit plaza and footings for Pacific Park! 

Floor one has hit a big landmark with the arrival of elevator cars! We are very excited for installation to begin, as use of the elevators is an integral piece of furniture install and department transitions. Installation will take up to six weeks for the elevator rails, cars, and electrical to safely be completed. Also on the first floor is a tranquil seating space adorned with similar woodwork to the Medical Center’s fireplace and concierge desk on the second level of the Wellness Center. Oversized seating options will offer employees and patients a comfy spot to reflect, brainstorm creative ideas and more.

Tiling on floor two is complete in the kitchen and crews are working hard to finish the rest of the second floor. Kitchen equipment has arrived and is being installed and work on the children’s indoor play area will soon begin!

Exam room sinks on floor three are being installed this week and tiling has begun on this floor. The third floor conference room is a bright airy space featuring a frosted glass that will allow extra light into the patient waiting area.
Before we get keys to the building, the contractor, architect and future owners will examine every inch of the new building to ensure that flooring, lighting, paint, doors and fixtures (and much more) were designed and installed according to plan with no defects. This checklist is known as the “punchlist.” Imagine how long it will take to inspect every inch of 60,000 square-feet!

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