Public Hospital Districts #1 and #2 Convene for Special Joint Meeting

On Thursday, March 7, 2019, the Board members and CEO’s of Grays Harbor Community Hospital (GHCH) and Summit Pacific Medical Center (SPMC) met in a Special Joint Meeting. The focus of discussion centered on how the two organizations can work alongside one another to meet the healthcare needs of Grays Harbor County citizens.

“A common goal of the attendees was to collaborate as much as possible in order to care for our shared population,” said Andrew Hopper, PHD #1 Commissioner. “Rather than seeing each other as competitors, GHCH and SPMC want to support each other’s efforts and strengths to encourage health and wellness in the county.”

Caring for a community such as Grays Harbor County comes with a distinct set of hurdles. An overwhelming number of citizens on government subsidized insurance, recruitment and retention of skilled medical providers and behavioral health challenges plague both organizations.

“The economic development of the area is dependent on appropriate and available health care,” said Michael Bruce, PHD#2 Commissioner. “Working together is imperative to the success of both organizations and we look forward to finding ways to care for Grays Harbor together.”

Other topics of discussion included the need to educate the community and legislators on the difference between a Critical Access and Sole Community Hospitals, as well as the recruitment of medical professionals to Grays Harbor County.

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