September Construction Update

Wellness Center Groundbreaking Ceremony

September fifteenth marked the one-year anniversary of our Groundbreaking Ceremony and the beginning of construction!

Our Wellness Center is opening in just four short months, this is an exciting and busy time for the Summit Pacific Team. Behind the scenes we are busily preparing for this new addition from each department developing their transition plans to ordering exactly the right amount of hand sanitizer dispensers and we can’t wait to invite you in and show you around! We are hoping to see the first patients in the new building in mid-January!

On the first floor, walls are complete and have received their final coats of paint. Bathrooms are tiled and ready to be outfitted with hardware. Casework installation has begun, and office spaces and exam rooms will start to come together with cabinetry and counter tops! The Therapy & Rehabilitation Services Suite registration desk is installed and features a woodsy feel, bringing the outdoors in!

The second-floor ceiling grid and tiles have been installed and work on this floor has now moved to painting and climbing wall installation! The Food and Nutrition Services work space is coming together. The walk-in fridge and freezer have both been installed and are bo

Decorative tile wall on entrance of the Food and Nutrition Services space.

th double the size of what at we have here at our Medical Center. The public facing wall of the dining area is covered in a decorative tile accent. This area of the Wellness Center will have a great view of our campus!

On the third floor all mechanical, electrical and plumbing work is now complete and workers have moved their focus to installation of the ceiling grid and sprinkler system.

You may have noticed that we are working on the interior of the building with a “bottom up” philosophy. This means floor one of the new building will be the first completed! Kudos to or IT team for already running countless feet of data cables and other IT infrastructure throughout the new building while still supporting our employee’s IT needs!

We will have room to grow in our first-floor rehabilitation services suite! The expanded services will help us transition patients confidently from hospital-based rehabilitation to a lifestyle of fitness. We will continue to provide inpatient therapy at the Medical Center.

Second Floor Indoor Play Area

Small play areas on floors 2 and 3 feature climbing structures and digitally projected activities that encourage movement, brain development and keep children occupied while creating a positive association with healthcare. Ultimately, inspiring wellness at a young age to help our youngest patients stay on top of their health throughout their entire lives.

When it pours, it’s porous. We have used an eco-friendly porous asphalt on our new parking lots! And, all our parking lots at Summit Pacific are paved with it. Porous pavements offer a way to manage storm water by allowing water to drain through the pavement surface and into the soils below the pavement.

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