SPMC Employees Responsible for $5,400 in Awarded Scholarships

Thanks to the generous nature of several employees at Summit Pacific Medical Center, local area high school seniors received a total of $5,400 in scholarships from Summit Pacific to use for college tuition this fall.

The Employees’ Scholarship Fund is a long standing tradition of the hospital district. The fund assists local students in obtaining further education in healthcare fields. This fund is strictly supported by donations from district employees. Over the life of this scholarship program, more than $45,000 dollars have been awarded out to local high school seniors. This year, Employees’ Scholarship Committee granted three $1,000 scholarships.

The Mitch Cohen Memorial Scholarship Fund is supported from money raised by Dr. Shawn Andrews and volunteer staff who perform low cost sports physicals to local high school and junior high school students. Each year, Dr. Andrews gathers a new group of volunteer staff to go to different area schools to do the physicals. 100% of the small fee collected goes into the Mitch Cohen Memorial Scholarship Fund. The scholarship is awarded in honor of Dr. Cohen’s generosity and love for this community.

A new scholarship was awarded this year, the Jennifer Macke Memorial Scholarship, was given in honor of Dr. Edward Macke’s late wife. Dr. Macke came to McCleary in 1977 through the National Health Service Corps with a commitment to stay two years. He retired in April after serving the community and caring for patients for thirty-eight years in McCleary.

We wish all of the areas graduating seniors the best of luck in their future endeavors!

Click here to view this years recipient list and to learn what their future plans include!


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