Summit Pacific Medical Center and Clinics Seeking Patient Feedback

Grays Harbor County Public Hospital District No. 1 values your feedback! If you have been a recent clinic patient, you may soon receive a confidential phone call from a professional survey team.

The hospital district has partnered with HealthStream Research, Inc., a nationally recognized healthcare improvement firm. HealthStream will be conducting telephone surveys to receive feedback on the care and services you’ve received at Summit Pacific Medical Center.

SPMC will begin with surveying outpatient clinic patients but will expand into formally surveying the Emergency Department and inpatients within the next year. “We’re currently conducting internal patient satisfaction surveys within those two areas, but in order to ensure certain validity and reliability and promote increased transparency we’re moving toward an external evaluation that will allow us to benchmark ourselves more broadly,” said Tim O’Haver, Chief Operations Officer of Summit Pacific Medical Center.

“By using HealthStream, the district will be able to compare our patient feedback with the best hospitals and medical offices in the country,” said O’Haver. “We will learn from their best practices and our patients will benefit from that knowledge.”

The survey is voluntary and takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Additionally, the feedback provided is anonymous unless the survey participants choose otherwise.  The survey is structured into multiple choice questions and at the end of the survey participants will be asked to provide specific, verbatim feedback on one main thing SPMC could do to improve their overall healthcare experience.

HealthStream surveyors are trained in HIPAA privacy standards and have been educated on SPMC’s high values of quality care. Surveyors do not have clinical details about your care and are not able to provide medical advice. If you have questions about your care, please contact your healthcare provider.

See attached press release. 

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  1. Admitted to ER at approximately 2:30 3/13/19 due to anxiety attack; discharged at approximately 8:00pm. Discharge do listed as “insomnia”. Told to keep taking my high blood pressure medication. I am not on high blood pressure meds. (Blood pressure on admit: 133/83, then 157/85 & 165/85 approximately 2 & e hrs after admit. Never did get a bp after that.) called to have Dx corrected, and was told they couldn’t do that; I would have to go back in to ER to be seen again(???). Not sure why Medicare would pay an ER bill for insomnia, but this doesn’t seem to concern SPMC.

    I have tried to update my contact info on three different occasions over time. I actually watched one employee enter the updated phone and email address, and yet the wellness Rn was unable to access this info, nor the X-ray department, nor the appointment desk.

    Accuracy and communication continue to be problems for SPMC. I cannot switch my primary care to a facility that does not value the importance of accuracy.

    • Hi Joy,

      I apologize for your poor experience and encourage you to share your story with our administration by calling 360-346-2248. We use feedback like yours to improve our patient experience. I hope you are feeling much better!

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