Telestroke Program

Summit Pacific Medical Center is a member of Southwest Washington’s Telestroke Network. This network provides possible stroke patients that opportunity to come to Summit Pacific at the first signs of stroke, but still be seen immediately by a neurologist from Providence St. Peter Hospital’s certified stroke center through advanced video technology.

Through the advanced video technology, the neurologist at Providence St. Peter Hospital, can perform physical tests by sight on the patient, and will have all lab test results and diagnostic scan images uploaded real time to their computer. This will allow the neurologists the chance to assess which type of stroke the patient is having and what type of care is most appropriate. And if appropriate, the Neurologist can order SPMC’s ED Physician to administer lifesaving drugs on the spot, instead of wasting valuable, lifesaving, minutes transferring the patient to St. Peter’s Hospital

Because every minute counts when it comes to caring for victims of a stroke, more and more area hospitals are joining the Telestroke Network. The program works with the community’s emergency medical transport services, so each ambulance knows which hospitals are members of the Telestroke Network, and can therefore take possible stroke patients to the nearest participant allowing the patient to get the quickest diagnosis and care possible.

Every Minute Counts!

If you or a loved one is experiencing symptoms of a stroke, please call 911 immediately!