Will wait times and provider access be affected?


Yes. Although we are doing what we can to minimize wait times (lots of training, increased staffing, etc.), there is no way to avoid the fact that staff will move slower through the new system when we first start. In addition, staff will be working to double check that all your information in the new system is correct and to see if you will want to enroll into the new patient portal system. Both of those actions will add a couple extra minutes to the registration process.

Since providers and support staff will be slower moving through the system, we will be scheduling fewer appointments per day for the first month, as we anticipate each appointment to take a bit longer than usual. This may result in patients not being able to get into their provider as quick as they are used to. Please remember that in addition to our Urgent Care clinic (which will be experiencing longer than normal wait times as well), SPMC also offers a Virtual Care clinic that can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere via a smartphone or computer. This service will not be affected by the new EHR implementation, so wait times, if any, are short. To learn more or to access this service, click here.

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