Wellness Center Progress Video 6.23.18

A lot has changed since the last drone video was taken. As you can see there has been a clear evolution of the site with the addition of exterior walls, a bridge has been placed and a parking lot has been opened for employees, among other interior items that are not visible.

Our Wellness Center is entering one of the last phases of the “dry in” with all windows being installed and siding going on the exterior walls. Once these steps are complete we can pump heat in to the building which will help with the installation of sheet rock and also with paint. As the construction team works from the ground floor up, first floor walls are complete and painting has begun. The exterior ground prep is nearing completion for the paving of the new main street entrance. An expanded entrance will provide a safe and accessible drive to our current Medical Center as well as the Wellness Center.

We are on track to begin moving in to the building in late December and open the building for services in January. We can’t wait to share this building with our patients and begin making major impacts on the health of our community.

This round of footage was captured June 23, 2018.



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