Wellness Center Walls Poured

The first wall of the wellness center, set to open in 2019, has been poured. To form the wall, steel rebar was placed in the concrete footings, then metal forms were built around the rebar and concrete was poured into the forms. These walls are 14 inches thick, requiring approximately 71 yards of concrete to form one wall section. This project will require three wall pours to form a single “U” shaped wall that will sit mostly below grade, or underground. Two more wall pours will take place in the coming weeks. Once the walls have cured, the construction crew will waterproof the exterior of the walls.

Concrete being poured into the steel frames.

Construction workers guiding the pipeline of concrete into the forms.

View from inside of “the pit.” The back corner is where a stairwell and an elevator will sit.

A crane operator guides the concrete pump beam into the forms by using a joystick.



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