Elma Rural School Healthcare Initiative Receives Grant Funding Through HRSA Rural Health Care Services Outreach Program

The Health and Resource Services Administration (HRSA) awarded a grant of $199,995 to Capital Region Educational Service District 113 (ESD 113) in partnership with Summit Pacific, Elma School District and Elma Family Dental. The group will form a consortium to implement a school-based telehealth program in Elma, Washington.

Through the formation of this consortium, which includes Summit Pacific, ESD 113, Elma School District and Elma Family Dental, local healthcare and social services providers will create a school-based telehealth program in Elma. The program will serve 700 elementary school students.

Telehealth is a valuable tool to complement and expand a school’s capacity to meet a student’s healthcare needs. Not only can telehealth help keep children healthy, but it can help keep them in school and their parents at work.

Summit Pacific’s Director of Innovation, Jennifer Brackeen shared, “Building a healthier community begins with our children. This grant will enable healthcare partners to look at innovative solutions so that we can develop strong connections for children to access healthcare services. Our focus is to help connect children to the care they need when they need it.” She continued, “By enabling this access at Elma as a pilot we will learn how to best expand virtual school-based health services throughout the county.”

ESD 113’s Director of Research and Data Analysis, Todd Johnson said, “Helping Elma elementary school students and families with equitable access to primary, dental, and mental healthcare and services is so needed.”

Of the 700 students, 70% qualify for Free and Reduced Meals. This effort will bring community partners together to directly address the needs of our community’s children and help establish long-term healthy habits and health outcomes.

The consortium hopes to provide Elma elementary school students and families equitable access to primary, dental and mental healthcare and services.

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