The History of Grays Harbor Public Health District No.1

1historyElma General Hospital 1898-1955
The first Elma hospital, built in 1898 by Dr. H. Blair, consisted of four rooms located on the corner of West Anderson and 4th St.  There was a surgery, where all supplies were also stored, a two-bed men’s ward, a two-bed women’s ward and the doctors’ office. There was no electricity and no modern plumbing, just a cold water tap at the back door.   In 1913 Dr. Blair retired and Dr. C. W. Jones took over the hospital.  By that time electricity and modern plumbing had been installed.

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2historySecond Elma Hospital (The French Hospital) ? – 1918
In the meantime another hospital had been erected by Dr. E.T. French. It was located at 6th and Main Street. (where the current transit station stands). When Dr. Jones went off to serve during World War I Dr. French oversaw both practices. In 1918 Dr. W.M. Conway bought out both Dr. Jones and Dr. French, closing the French Hospital.
Information from: History of Elma by Elizabeth Brown-
The narration of Mrs. Pearl S. Combs

Picture taken:  Jul 14, 1925

3historyMcCleary General Hospital 1913-1955

The nine bed McCleary General Hospital was completed in 1913 and, for the first time, the town had a physician.  Dr. Burton E. Fleming, and his wife, Louise, a registered nurse, moved from Aberdeen to staff the facility.  McCleary Timber Company employees paid for medical service through monthly payroll deductions. Babies were delivered and surgeries performed.  The building still stands today as a home on Beck Street.

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4historyMark E. Reed Memorial Hospital 1956 -2012
In 1948, William R. Reed, president of Simpson Timber Company, donated $100,000 to start a hospital fund in memory of Mark E. Reed, his father and previous president. Residents of East County also helped to raise additional start-up funds for the hospital project and formed a Board of Trustees in November 1949. On November 4, 1956, Mark E. Reed Memorial Hospital was dedicated.
It was the first hospital in the state of Washington built without public funds in ten years. The hospital had a very active Ladies Auxiliary in the early years that worked hard to earn funds for the hospital supplies They had a sewing committee which made curtains for the rooms, surgical gowns and patient gowns.

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Pic_of_Comm_Take_OathIt was not until 1982 that the District voters formed Mark Reed Hospital, or Grays Harbor County Public Hospital District No. 1.
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2010_April_005Three Years later, in the spring of 1985, a new addition was completed which included the front office area, administrative offices and the laboratory. Remodeling was also done in the original section of the building, resulting in the facility you see today.

This was the beginning of what was, with the local public’s help and involvement, a valuable community hospital.

The organization’s name was changed to Mark Reed Health Care District in the fall of 2007 to encompass the Critical Access Hospital, Mark Reed Health Care Clinic and as of March 1st 2011 Elma Family Medicine.

                    The New “Summit Pacific Medical Center”

To meet the needs of a growing community and with the advancements in technology, once again a new hospital was needed. With the district in stable financial condition and the help of a USDA loan, Mark Reed was able to start the next step by building a replacement facility in Elma. This new facility not only met the needs of today’s population but our children’s as well.  The district began construction in Elma, Washington during 2011 and opened the doors for business in February of 2013.

After just a few short years, Summit Pacific Medical Center has continued to grow to meet the needs of the community bringing even more services to East Grays harbor County including the addition of a third primary care clinic, Urgent Care, Virtual Care and the addition of 3d mammography and bone density scans.

New McCleary Healthcare Clinic

Following the closure of Mark Reed Hospital, Mark Reed Healthcare Clinic continued to operate out of the nearly 60-year-old building. Since before Summit Pacific Medical Center opened its doors, hospital leadership began dreaming of being able to give Mark Reed Healthcare Clinic patients a new clinic facility. The District was pleased to open the new 6,000 square foot building in April of 2016.

Grays Harbor County Public Hospital District No. 1
By: Joy Iversen
Summit Pacific Medical Center Historian