Thriving, not surviving!

At Summit, we believe empowering residents, faculty, and staff to thrive. Taking a holistic approach, we strive to provide training, support, and/or resources to address physical, financial, mental, spiritual, professional wellness, leadership and core faculty who are committed to your education and well-being. We utilize a robust Wellness Curriculum to set residents up for success far beyond residency life. Here is just a taste of what we offer:

  • Monthly housing allowance in Grays Harbor County
  • Monthly food and cell phone stipends
  • SPFM R1 Support Groups to help with transitioning to resident life, along with SPMC support groups once per block
  • Protected vacation time
  • Annual resident retreats (even in a virtual world)
  • Confidential counseling and mental health resources
  • Access to gym and walking trail onsite
  • Annual Professional Enrichment allowance
  • iPad and mobile learning resources
  • In Training exam and Certification fee support
  • Scholarly access to research, library access at PNWU, WSU and UWSOM