Summit Pacific’s Josh Martin, CEO, Appointed as AWPHD Board Chair

February 5, 2024

(ELMA, WA) – Summit Pacific Medical Center CEO Josh Martin was recently appointed to serve as Board Chair for the Association of Washington Public Hospital Districts (AWPHD). The term will be for one year, which will conclude at the end of 2024. 

Martin has been at Summit Pacific for over seven years, originally serving as Chief Operating Officer, and has been SPMC’s CEO since 2017. He brings more than twenty years of experience working in hospital leadership roles here in the Northwest and presently volunteers with more than five regional hospital organizations.

“I’m excited about taking on the Chair position and grateful to have been selected,” stated Martin. “As the incoming Chair for the AWPHD Board of Directors, my focus will be to support the association leadership team to ensure it achieves its goals and objectives set for 2024.”

Martin continued, describing how AWPHD supports public hospitals state-wide. 

“Our state and country were impacted by a pandemic that spanned over three years and crippled our healthcare system. As one of the largest hospital associations in Washington state, AWPHD is instrumental in developing a plan and setting a course to help rebuild our healthcare delivery system. 

“Public Hospitals are essential to each unique community, and they all continue to face workforce and capacity constraints. AWPHD has implemented many programs in 2023 and planned for 2024. That will bolster the financial strength of these hospitals and help build vital infrastructure to create needed access to healthcare services across Washington,” he concluded.

Matthew Ellsworth, AWPHD Executive Director, stated that the association was fortunate to have Josh chairing the organization.

“Josh’s reputation as an innovator and his commitment to publicly owned healthcare is unmatched. Washington’s 57 Public Hospital Districts face challenging times, and his leadership vision is at the right place at the right time,” he added.


 The Association of Washington Public Hospital Districts (AWPHD) is a membership organization representing and serving all 57 Public Hospital Districts in the State of Washington since 1952.

Founded in 1952, AWPHD is a state-wide association that provides support, advocacy, and education for the Washington State public health hospital community.